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Rabbi Grossman giving chabura - Chosen Mishpat Kollel

Yesodei HaTorah


The Kollel’s Yesodei HaTorah program has been in high demand since the very beginning. Our goal is to help you master the necessary skills for independent Gemara study. We have weekly beginner’s, intermediate, and advanced classes. To download a flyer, click here.  For more information about this program, please e-mail

This program was originally created by Rabbi Tzvi Goode of Baltimore, Maryland -

Women's Programming

Weekly Shabbos Gems - Silver Spring

Unlock the hidden secrets and majestic beauty of Shabbos with this class given by Mrs. Sara Malka Winter.  Uncover the true meaning of Shabbos with a fresh and insightful perspective. This class meets weekly on Tuesday evenings, 8:00 PM at the GWCK.   To download a flyer, click here.

Partners in Torah

One-on-one partners in Torah is available as well. Learn with a Kollel wife on a choice topic, at a convenient time for you! Contact the Kollel for more information.

Youth Programs

Young Women's Programming

"Girls Night Out" with Mrs. Zakem and Mrs. Glassberg.  Join them Motzei Shabbos Mevarchim for an evening of fun, food, and interesting discussions!  For 9th – 12th  grade girls in the Greater Washington area. 

Young Men's Programming

The Kollel hosts two school-year enrichment learning classes which meet weekly for boys grades 5th - 9th.  Boys attend this program from all parts of Greater Washington and enjoy the extra dose of learning that is presented on a personal level in the atmosphere of the Kollel learning center.  See Fall Semester flyer for details.

Potomac Programming

Our Kollel is geared to serve the entire Greater Washington Community. We have a special program at the Young Israel Ezras Israel of Potomac, Maryland from 8:15-9:15 PM every Sunday evening.   Choose from an array of well-presented classes on Talmud (advanced and beginner), Jewish prayer, and expositions on Chumash.  Our Yesodei HaTorah program is offered there as well. For a detailed schedule of classes in Potomac, click here.

Father-Son Learning:   Come and take part in a half hour of learning and fun as the Kollel leads a father-son learning program on Saturday nights in Potomac.   Pizza and raffles enhance an opportunity for father/son bonding through the shared experience of Torah study.

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Schedule of Services


Monday-Friday: 6:25am
Weekday Rosh Chodesh: 6:15am
Shabbos: Three minyanim
   7:00am - Hashkama
   9:00am - Main Shul
   9:15am - Youth Minyan
Yom Tov: 9:00am
   7:00am & 8:00am                    Federal Holidays:
   6:25am (6:15 on Rosh Chodesh)             & 8:00am


Sunday - Thursday: 15 minutes before sunset
Erev Shabbos: 15 minutes before sunset
Maariv only, Monday - Thursday: 9:45pm